✨ Stay tuned for a few basic updates

Mid August, 2022 ~ Hired!

Emily worked incredibly hard interviewing during her first weeks here and has recently started a full time job at a non-profit based in NYC. Congrats Emily, so well deserved!

July 1st, 2022 ~ Move in!

Emily has moved into Goal House in Brooklyn and will meet everyone over the next few days!

June 10th, 2022 ~ Winner announced!

Congratulations Emily Ballou! Emily is a Korean-American adoptee, who grew up in Vermont. She’s awesome and we’re so honored that she applied to the program.

🔍  Background Statement

Adoptees struggle with depression and mental health at a 4x greater rate than peers. Though mental health issues are certainly multifaceted, we believe that limited access to diversity is a contributing factor; and many BIPOC transracial adoptees have grown up and continue to live in non-diverse environments. Furthermore, should one want to move to a more diverse metropolitan area, it can of course, be very expensive and lonely...

✍️  Scholarship Description

The Adoptee Empowerment Housing Scholarship was created to make diversity more accessible to transracial adoptees by helping them experience new chapters in new cities.

Our inaugural program aims to help someone move to New York City by offering a 2 month housing grant, one way plane ticket and $500 cash, along with mentorship and adoptee community involvement opportunities.

🏆  Award Details

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